Calling all Berry Lovers!
Everyone loves strawberries! They are just perfect in every way with milk and cereals, in smoothies, over your pancakes, in the ice-creams, and over the cake as toppings.
Have them plain or simply dip them in some melted chocolate for the month of February to express love.
What if you can pluck them fresh from farms with your loved ones…..
Yes, If you love to pluck organically grown Strawberries, then Make My garden is just the right place for you all!
Early spring from January end to march end, YES! It’s that season of the year, head to our nursery, get hands-on experience choosing ripe berries, Enjoy the fresh air, Colourful vibes, and Birds chirping, and Just be with nature, Have fun and Take home organically grown fresh strawberries.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Please pick and pluck fully-grown strawberries.
  • Please collect strawberries in a bowl and once weighed and billed only then can be eaten.
  • Pluck the strawberries-only if you are planning to take them back home (As whatever you pluck, you will need to buy them)
  • Make sure you don’t litter the farm and damage the plants.