There are many elements that determine the wealth of your garden. Pot size, potting and planting process, soil mixture, soil and plant condition, light, indoor and outdoor conditions, watering methods and frequency, cutting and pruning, proper nutrition and care are among the few.

The Make My Garden team comes with a fleet with proper training, vast knowledge and the required expertise to maintain your garden and provide it with love, care and nourishment. We follow a 12-step maintenance procedure as suggested below to help cultivate beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables and a green garden at your home.

We provide trained, experienced gardeners at affordable weekly and bi-weekly maintenance packages to ensure your garden remains bloomy and beautiful. Our maintenance packages start as low as Rs800 a month!

MMG 12-step Maintenance Program

The classic MMG 12- step maintenance program helps one arrive at a full-circle of garden maintenance and improves the existing conditions by creating lush green gardens, growing organic vegetables, managing trimming, pinching, nutrition and pest management. It involves a series of processes and is an end-to-end garden care to maintain the health of the plants. The following could be summarised as below.

  • Checking the plant condition, analyzing overall plant health and segregating plants that need special attention.
  • Removal of dried leaves and dried flowers.
  • Cutting, trimming and pruning to optimize growth.
  • Checking soil condition and loosening soil.
  • Providing support to plants, creepers, veggie gardens.
  • Potting new plants as per need.
  • Repotting of dying plants if required.
  • Relocating pots to optimize sunlight for beautification.
  • Watering plants and guidance on watering frequency.
  • Organic pesticide spray to control pests if required.
  • Nutrients and fertilizers customized for growth.
  • Cleaning the site.
  • Garden renovation :repainting grids, stands, grills, old pots and replacing planters.

Do you want to retouch your old tubs, water tanks, baskets, bags, shoes, frames and pots into making beautiful garden elements? Make My Garden team takes up all garden renovations, setups and redo projects for your personalised needs.

Want to organize and declutter your indoor and outdoor garden space? We can help. Make My Garden offers a wide variety of customized rounds, looped, bottled and vertical gardening. Two-step bench, three-step bench, round corner, triangular corner, L step, ladder and arch stands.

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