No space is too small or too big to be green!
Be it small, be it big, Be it simple, or be it luxe, green just makes the place beautiful, Lively and happier. Green just fits in.
They always bring elements of happiness and tranquility. Having a balcony, patio, or terrace, that you can turn into your own private, peaceful space is a real game-changer in apartments. If you’re a plant lover, the space can be perfect for setting up your plant babies and providing them with all the sun they need. Your balcony railing can even be used to hang a few planters to start growing a little herb garden. possibilities are endless.

From designing, landscaping your space, adding fancy accents and decorating it with the most exquisite elements; setting up beautiful themed structures like wooden stands, wooden planters, wooden theme wall, fabricated and bamboo grid structures, vertical walls, bamboo poles, and bamboo themed decor, rock garden, lawns, picking up the right plants, setting up your very own vegetable garden and colourful flowering garden- we do it all. We provide customized solutions for terrace gardens, back yard and front yards of villa gardens and balcony makeovers.

We also specialize in beautiful, artistic, green and eco-friendly customized gifting ideas and gifting solutions.