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July 22nd, 2021

Make your home better with Plants by Make My Garden

Everybody needs a nook of their homes to be a space for peace and tranquillity. While most of us like holding warm coffee mugs at balconies, some of us decorate our favourite corners with art. But it’s utter bewilderment and awe-inspiring when an experienced gardener decorates home with plant decor. We all have heard about lucky bamboos and money plants as home decor, but there’s a lot more to home aesthetics that Bengaluru’s Make My Garden has to emphasize.

Make My Garden’s value proposition for a market of changing lifestyles, need for organic and home-grown vegetables, health-conscious individuals and love for nature- is a highly dynamic yet fulfilling frontier. Placing indoor plants at homes has been a practice for many ages now. Over time, people have shown a preference for keeping air purifier plants, succulents, ajwain, neem, tulsi, betel leaf, money plants and more. Monstera, Philodendron Broken Heart, Bamboo, Calathea are some of the well-known buys of today! Ornamental plants like Calathea, philodendrons, air purifiers, rubber plants are good choices for plants to be bought for homes.

These plants come in different colours, sizes and shapes and add a lot of beauty to home spaces whether set up near windows, ceils or entrances. Sedum Golden Plant, Syngonium Mini Plants and Fern Button Plants are some of the many that add great appeal and fresh look to homes. When we embellish homes with variegated indoor plants, they don’t just add beauty and appeal to our homes but also interact with our mind and soul in ways that enhance creativity and quality of life.

Philodendrons can be used within living spaces at floors, carpets or wall hangings to enhance the look. The Boston Fern humidifies the air and is a great buy during winters, but a dry area could kill the plant too soon. Similarly, a Peace Lily could be a perfect decor setup for spacious bathrooms and damp areas of the homes to make them look apt for a great indoor dwelling. Another such variety of plants for Plant Decor is the Gerberas, which make an excellent temperamental plant for homes. Making these rebloom is the most herculean of a task, however, with a good soil nutrient, they make a perfect leafy growth. Gerberas, after they lose colour, can also be put under good compost if the leaves don’t add much to your home decor.

Plants such as orchids, succulents, snake plants emit oxygen at night and are the best home decor for bedrooms. Studies have proven that house plants increase productivity by 15% and are the best home decor solutions with playful kids around. A chlorophytum or the Spider Plant comes with low maintenance and are easy to propagate. On the release of baby plants for the same, they can also make a wonderful gift for your friend. Make My Garden continues to offer beauties that go on to make people’s lives greener, healthier and peaceful.

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